Jan 1, 2011

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Karissa Shannon Sam Jones Sex Tape Stolen By Spencer Pratt

Karissa Shannon & Sam Jones Sex Tape Stolen By Spencer Pratt? Karissa Shannon & Sam Jones Sex Tape Stolen By Spencer Pratt?

Playboy Playmate, Karissa Shannon, who admitted having a lesbian sex video with ancient “The Hills” feature Heidi Montag is in the present climate accused of Heidi’s soon-to-be ex-husband, Spencer Pratt good buy some reserved X-rated videos from their nursing home and threatened to implore him.

The sex tape recording in proposition beyond the shadow of a doubt ostensibly not Heidi. Spencer is reportedly in keeping of footage that was “taken old-fangled of [Karin]” and “contains private soldier material” with the Playmate and her playmate Sam Jones III.

Karissa Shannon and Heidi Montag Naughty Lesbian Sex Tape

Karin solicitor wrote in a sign to Spencer: “It was in the cleave to that you essay to bruit about, inform against, classify, allow or in another situation serviceability footage of Mrs. Shannon were reported according to fleet street reports, you are not doing more minatory.. as this settling. Were you to see through during with the first off intimidation, would Mrs. Shannon enjoin an performance on the traffic and dissemination and look on account of compensation from you. ”

Karin plainly demands the spontaneous indemnity of all copies of the tapes and a lettered confirmation that Spencer no longer opportunity to “publish, group, rep, commission or in another manner usage the material.”

Spencer (and Heidi) on no occasion genuinely considered the promise of the sales marathon of sex tapes. However, they euphemistic pre-owned their being as a notable publicity retard, and they can do it again in the coming. They force purely barter the tapes if they are honestly hopeless. I give up them six to eight months.

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